We help farmers bring their farms to life.

A complete farm management solution for all type of crops be it Horticulture, Field Crops, Vegetable crops. We offer this service FREE!, Yes! all the farm record keeping services are totally free for lifetime and with unlimited crops, unlimited farms per farmer.

Agriplaza CRM

Key features


Access farm records from anywhere, laptop, tablets, mobile phone, smart TV.All records are stored on cloud, with world class SSL security.

Unlimited Crops

Yes! unlimited crops, unlimited farms.

Privacy Important

All your farm data is safe and secure. Only you can access your data.

Expert Advice

Storing farm records on cloud in digital format makes it easy to share the required data with farm experts.

We create a new standard for businesses

Holistic Management! this is what we strongly belive in and try to put in practice. Since 2008 Agriplaza is providing technical information about carps, pests, diseases to farmers at no cost.We anticipate that by application of proper and scientific methods of farming, famrers can gain some more profits and such profits will be put back in to economy and will return to us for sure vis some other ways.

Agriplaza CRM, provides very simple yet advanced methods of farm record keeping.

  • Unlimited farms and unlimited crops at no cost.
  • Purchase and Sale record keeping
  • Plant protection, Plant fertigation, labor record keeping.